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About Us


Founding of Viking Caribou Holdings


Aquiring La Cuarita Cocoa Estate


First mixing of Caribbean rum cocoa and spices


The brand Tobago Gold is founded


The original recipe of Tobago Gold Chocolate Rum Cream is born


Delivery of the first batch produced

We develop, produce and market “best in class” Caribbean style liqueurs for the world market.

Our Story

Our founder, Lars G.O. Söderström, began to unearth the treasure of Tobago Gold in 2004, when he acquired “La Caurita”, a 400 acre traditional Cocoa Estate in Trinidad and Tobago. During the years to come Lars invested in and developed “La Caurita”, and as his love for Caribbean chocolate grew stronger, he also learnt to master the art of chocolate making “from bean to bar”, from world leading chocolate experts.

In 2019, Lars started experimenting with combining two of his favourite flavours, Caribbean rum and cocoa, in order to make the perfect alcoholic beverage to suit both his sweet tooth and his love for rum. A year later, after numerous tests, and trials in his kitchen, he and his team successfully created the masterful blend now known as “Tobago Gold”, by using the finest selection of cocoa, spices and rum that the Caribbean has to offer. And the rest is history.

The brand Tobago Gold was founded in 2020 and our small, but dedicated team, is passionate about producing the Tobago Gold Chocolate Rum Cream. A treasure distinctive to the Caribbean, made with love by us – to share with the rest of the world.

Our Values

We ensure that all our decisions align with the preservation and protection of the environment.

We are an Equal Opportunity organization.

Tobago Gold is driven by quality.

  • Quality Ingredients
  • Quality Product
  • Quality Service


Our History

In 2004 the founder acquired and began operating our “La Caurita” cocoa estate, located in the mountain jungles in Trinidad. In March 2020, the company launched the very first locally produced Tobago Gold Chocolate Rum Cream in Trinidad and Tobago. Today is Tobago Gold based in The Netherlands, where we produce and distribute Tobago Gold liqueurs mainly for the European market.

Our Partners

Tobago Gold partner with leading industry experts to ensure the highest quality of ingredients, processes, packaging and logistics, in order to achieve our World-Class Tobago Gold products.

Our Team

The Tobago Gold company is being headed by a diverse international team of leaders from a number of industries, truly ensuring a globally minded team of experts. We work zealously to ensure that Tobago Gold is nothing short of perfection, so that every bottle provides a flavourful, luxurious escape to the warmth of the Caribbean.

Project Team &

Advisory Board

Our project team and our advisory board consists of former top executives, some having managed multi-billion Euro businesses and start-ups in Europe and the Americas in various industries.

Welcome to Tobago Gold

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