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We are currently in the phase of building our business in order to become widely known as the best-in-class Caribbean liqueur in the world. One of our most important tasks now is to find the right partners to market, sell and distribute our product.

We believe a partnership must benefit everybody involved and we realise that good business for our partners is good business for us. Therefore we prefer to see our partner relationships from a we-perspective and we strive to actively support our partners in the marketing and sales of our product.

What is in it for you?

Join us on the exciting journey to introduce a new unique product in one of the most growing and profitable segments of the alcohol bevarage market. Sounds interesting? Are you the right partner for us to succeed? Please fill out the application form and one of our team members will contact you directly.

What we expect from a partner

The right partner for us will have relevant knowledge of the local market and a local network to quickly find the right distributors and retailers for Tobago Gold. We expect our partners to activly market, sell and distribute the product, and work as passionately for success as the team at Tobago Gold does.

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