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Escape with us - Unearth

the Caribbean Treasure that

is Tobago Gold. Enjoy!

From our Caribbean hearts to yours

Tobago Gold

Chocolate Rum Cream

Experience the warmth and luxury of the Tobago Gold Chocolate Rum Cream liqueur. Masterfully crafted with the finest premium cocoa, spices and rum.

Tobago Gold offers a smooth, tasty, enjoyable Chocolate Rum Cream and is rated highly by world leading cream liqueur experts. Our cocoa is full of antioxidants and our chocolate rum cream has the highest possible chocolate to sugar ratio, with a flavourful taste of cocoa, spices and fruits.

A taste of

the Caribbean

Tobago Gold liqueurs are the result of traditional Caribbean cocoa and spice growing, leaning to knowledge and experience going back to the Maya and Inca Indians.
The packaging also has a Caribbean flair in its design. The Tobago Gold bottle has a unique design, trendy and yet sophisticated, clearly connecting to the beauty, joy and colours of the Caribbean.


Color and appearance:

Chocolate brown


Strong aroma of Trinitario cocoa


Rich smooth chocolate taste followed by an exciting flavor of Caribbean spices and rum. Creamy and long aftertaste. Well balanced between cocoa, rum and spices.

Serving Suggestions

Serving temperature from 3ºC to room temperature

Sweet, smooth and yet grown-up in its taste, perfectly suited for any occasion calling for

some chocolate and spice. 

Before and after meals, mixed in cocktails and desserts, or adding a Caribbean twist to your cooking and baking. 

Storage and use

Store between 5°C - 20°C

Once open, keep refrigerated.

Shake before use.

Do not use after expire date .


500 ml / 17,0 oz

700 ml / 23,7 oz

Fully recyclable bottle and sleeve

Nutritional information

Low calories - 195kcal/100ml

Low sugar - 15g/100ml

Low fat - 2.9g/100ml

Low alcohol - 17% ABV

Gluten free

GMO free

Chemical Characteristics

Alcohol by volume: 17%

Dairy version

Development Area

The island of Tobago in the Caribbean.

Production areas

The Netherlands, EU

Shelf life

Two years

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