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Discover Tobago Gold

Caribbean chocolate rum cream

Tobago Gold offers a smooth, tasty, enjoyable Chocolate Rum Cream which uses the highest quality chocolate and is top rated by leading cream liqueur experts.

Moments with Tobago Gold

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From our Caribbean hearts to yours

Experience the warmth and luxury of the Tobago Gold Chocolate Rum Cream liqueur. Masterfully crafted with the finest premium cocoa, spices and rum, bringing you the flavourful taste of the Caribbean.

Chocolate Rum Cream

Tobago Gold liqueurs are the result of traditional Caribbean cocoa and spice growing, leaning on knowledge and

experience going back as far as to the Maya and Inca Indians. Cocoa means “Food

for the Gods” and contains a number of healthy antioxidants, and is proved to

have many healthy benefits.

Tobago Gold Story

Our founder, Lars G.O. Söderström, began to unearth the treasure of Tobago Gold in 2004, when he acquired La Caurita, a 400 acre traditional Cocoa Estate in Trinidad and Tobago.

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Enjoy the Caribbean

where ever you are!

Sweet, smooth and yet grown-up in its taste, perfectly suited for any occasion calling for something sweet.

Before and after meals, mixed in cocktails and desserts, or adding a Caribbean twist to your cooking and baking. In fact, any moment can be a Tobago Gold moment.

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