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Escape with us – Unearth

the Caribbean Treasure that

is Tobago Gold. Enjoy!

Time To Spice Up!

Any moment can be a Tobago Gold moment!


We don´t tell people if their drinks should be shaken or stirred. We don´t write any rulebooks on how or when to have a drink. In Tobago Gold´s universe anything goes! With that said, below you find some inspiration on how to enjoy Tobago Gold and add some Caribbean spice to your world.


For now, we are focusing on cocktails, but soon you will be able to also explore how to add Tobago Gold to your cooking and baking, or how to enjoy it with your favourite coffee.


Yes, there are no rules for how to enjoy Tobago Gold and we hope to inspire you to create your own twist and turns with Tobago Gold. We would love to share your favourite Tobago Gold recipe with our Tobago Gold social community.

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